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ANTcryo‘s Highlights of 2023




ANTcryo:Grateful For Every Choice

In the past few years, with the rapid development of science and technology, Cryo-electron microscopy has emerged as a vital tool for biomedical research. Since its launch in 2019, the ANTcryo has become a landmark advancement in this field with its innovation and efficiency.

Today, we would like to share with you the revolutionary changes brought about by a breakthrough technology developed by a team from Peking University and the Institute of Biophysics and carefully cultivated by Guangzhou Nanodim Technology Co., Ltd.,. At the same time, we also show our deep gratitude to all the scientific researchers.





 ANTctyo: A Revolution in Cryo-EM


ANTcryo technology is centered on a porous array membrane made of highly biocompatible nickel-titanium alloy, providing an unprecedented solution for this field. It was formerly known as NiTi grid, CryoMatrix, Amorphous alloy film, among others, and  now is uniformly renamed as ANTcryo. Due to its high hole-entry rate, excellent conductivity, and user-friendly features, it has become the preferred technology for cryo-preparation of individual particle samples.

Through continuous technological iteration and refinement, ANTcryo has established a high-quality benchmark in the industry, making it the preferred tool for researchers.






Wide Academic Recognition


The impact of ANTcryo technology is not only reflected in its technical innovation but also in its wide application and recognition within the academic community. As of December 2023, more than 60 research articles by ANTcryo users have been published, showcasing a quality far above the industry average.

Notably, 13 of these were published in top-tier journals such as Science, Nature, and Cell, with a third of the articles appearing in journals with an impact factor of over 30. This achievement not only demonstrates the superior performance of ANTcryo but also highlights its crucial role at the forefront of scientific research.


Figure1. Graph of increasing publication numbers


Figure2. Pie chart of article impact factor distribution


Figure3. Graph of publishing institutions and the number of articles (incomplete statistics)





Market Growth & Global Expansion


We are fully aware that ANTcryo's achievements could not have been possible without the trust and support of every researcher. Since 2020, ANTcryo's sales have continuously grown, and we have established a network of distributors worldwide, especially in North America and Europe.

As a domestically developed brand, we are immensely proud and feel a significant responsibility. With the continual stabilization and optimization of product quality, we are more convinced than ever that ANTcryo will continue to serve  researchers worldwide, assisting them in obtaining higher quality research data.


Figure4. Graph of sales growth 


Figure5. Dealer distribution map





Gratitude For Your Support and Trust


We want to express our deepest gratitude to every researcher who has chosen and used ANTcryo. Your trust and support drive us to move forward and innovate continuously. 

We look forward to ANTcryo playing a greater role in future scientific explorations, collectively advancing the progress of cryo-electron microscopy technology and making significant contributions to expanding the boundaries of scientific research.


Anticipating Brighter Chapter
The story of ANTcryo is a microcosm of China's technological innovation prowess. We firmly believe that, through continuous effort and innovation, Chinese research instruments can play a more significant role on the global technology stage. 
Thank you for your companionship and support, as we eagerly anticipate a brighter future for ANTcryo together.













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